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Consumer Information - Homecare Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaner

Homecare DRY CLEANER combats oil and grease stains by dissolving them, then drying to a disposable residue.

Homecare DRY CLEANER is especially suited to the removal of oil based kitchen stains - e.g. butter, margarine, sunflower and olive oil marks.

Where oil bearing stains carry dirt, carbon deposits and other impurities, Homecare DRY CLEANER helps to dislodge them if followed by hand washing.


Homecare DRY CLEANER - Directions
  • Spray onto the dry stain.
  • Leave until a white powder residue has formed and the garment is completely dry.
  • Brush away the powder.
  • For extensive and stubborn stains, repeat the process in order to increase the exposure of the oil stain to the solvents.
  • For oil-borne carbon and dirt stains follow this procedure until there is no further improvement; spray the stain once more, then hand wash and rinse while still damp.

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