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Consumer Information - Homecare Easy Iron in Trigger Pack

Easy Iron Label

facilitates ironing, and removes stubborn creases with ease.

Restores body and adds freshness to newly ironed garments.

Is suited for use on natural and man-made fibres. Great on cotton blouses, shirts, denims, table linens and duvets.


Homecare Easy Iron - Directions
  • Use a clean iron at the recommended temperature setting.
  • Spray sparingly over material, and allow to penetrate fabric for a few seconds.
  • Iron as normal with a dry or steam iron.
Homecare Easy Iron - Notes
  • On dark fabrics, excess spray can result in a light powdery precipitation during ironing. Simply brush it away or iron from the reverse side of the garment.
  • Avoid using on non-iron or dry clean fabrics.

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