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Consumer Information - Homecare Fabric Fresh

Fabric Fresh Label

For the treatment of odours on fabric, clothing, upholstery and carpets (for example - curtains, bedding, fabric footwear, camping gear, pet bedding and linen).

Provides relief against a wide range of fabric borne odours such as pet smells, cigarette smoke, urine, mildew, cooking and stale cupboard smells.

Kills bacteria while it freshens.


Homecare Fabric Fresh - Directions
  • Spray directly onto the fabric, from about 25cm away, until damp to the touch.
  • Odours fade as the fabric dries. For stubborn odours repeat the process, allowing the fabric to dry between applications.
Homecare Fabric Fresh - Notes & Warnings
  • For fabrics likely to water-spot e.g. silk - test on an inconspicuous area to confirm suitability.
  • Not suited for use on leather or suede.
  • In event of eye contact, rinse with water, then seek medical advice if required.

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