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Consumer Information - Homecare Mould Stain Cleaner in Trigger Pack

Mould Stain Cleaner

Cleans the bulk of mould and mildew stains with just one spray - no mess, rubbing or scrubbing.

Multi Surface Uses - for walls, showers, tiles, boats, patios, etc


Homecare Instant Mould Stain Cleaner - Directions
  • Spray affected areas and leave for a few minutes. Then wipe or rinse off.
  • For stubborn mildew stains, leave longer - or treat again
Homecare Instant Mould Stain Cleaner - Caution
  • Avoid contact with clothing or fabrics.
  • If used on aluminium, unpainted metal, damaged paint surfaces, old enamel or surfaces likely to discolour, rinse thoroughly
  • Ensure good ventilation during use
  • Avoid mixing with other household chemicals.

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